People Movers Moving & Handling

People Movers Moving & Handling 

People Movers Moving & Handling training is a must for all carers who regularly help people with restricted movement, or require the use of specialist equipment in order to go about their day to day lives.

Moving & Handling training benefits not only the service users, but all healthcare staff and anyone else delivering care to them too. Caring for service users with limited capabilities is a strenuous profession, and staff could potentially injure themselves if proper protocols for using the equipment are not followed correctly. Refresher training will then be necessary every 12 months.

Our People Movers Moving & Handling Course covers;

  • Manual handling (The Legal Aspects)
  • Understanding the key concepts of Moving & Handling and why it is important
  • The body and what can go wrong during manual handling
  • Principles of safe moving & handling
  • In-house policy and assessments
  • Practical training and competency assessment of various manoeuvres used in the workplace
  • Information and demonstration on equipment used in Moving & Handling such as hoists, slide sheets, rotundas

Our People Movers Moving & Handling courses are suitable for;

  • Residential care, Respite Care, Learning Disabilities, Dementia Care & Nursing Homes
  • Domiciliary Care providers
  • Private Hospitals, Hospices and Disability charities
  • Schools & Colleges providing healthcare education
  • Other healthcare organisations



If you would like to book a People Movers Moving & Handling course, either solely for you or on to one of our already running courses (Please see ‘what’s on’ in our calendar) please contact us on